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Addition Operation on Natural Numbers – Set Theory

Hi, infinite-set readers. Set theory is back. The previous post is on this link. Please read in advance to easily understand this post. Today we will discuss about the addition operation on natural numbers. Happy reading. The consequence of the Finite Recursion Theorem raises a theorem. The theorem is also called Finite Recursion Theorem because

Finite Recursion Theorem

Hello, infinite-set readers. Set Theory is back. In this post will discuss about finite recursion theorem. It’s used to define the operation on natural numbers. Why does this need to be discussed? Back to the previous sense, any natural number is seen as a set (if you don’t know about this, you can read from

Well Ordering Theorem

Hello, infinite-set reader. Set theory is back. Today we will learn about Well Ordering Theorem. This post is the last post about Zorn’s Lemma. The next post will be different from the previous post. But in the end, all the discussion of set theory will be interrelated. My imagination, our discussion will lead to the

Zorn’s Lemma / Kuratowski’s Lemma Part 2

Hello, infinite-set reader. Set theory is back. Finally. Today we will discuss about Zorn’s Lemma. This lemma is also often referred to as Kuratowski’s Lemma. Lemma’s name is taken ‘the inventor’, i.e Max Zorn and Kazimierz Kuratowski. May be sometime I will post about the history of Zorn’s Lemma. The previous post is on this