This page provides about post information on this website by category. For additional information, the post on this website has several categories, ie article, basic, latex, mathematical induction, and set theory. Some additional categories may appear over time. The following is a brief description of the contents of several categories on this website.


This category contains posts that tend to be free. Not bound to one chapter and more general. So the writings are more up to date and follow the development of technology today.


Basic categories have information about matters that are fundamental to math. More likely to contain the mindset. The discussion can be about anything. It may even be just about the sum. Clearly, basic has an important role for mathematics because a strong mathematician has a strong basic understanding as well.


This category contains a variety of latex. More exactly how I use latex. Please read this category. Especially for those of you who have trouble using latex codes in task writing or to generate symbols on your blog or website.

Mathematical Induction

This category specifically deals with mathematical induction. I am a little confused to include some of my writing about this. So I created a special category for the writing.

Set Theory

This website basically contains about the set theory that I learned and I write back with my own understanding. Of course this category is very important for this website because (for now) this category is the basis of the birth of this website.

I hope my writings can be useful to you and hope that the separation of this category can help you find the posts you need. Thanks for reading.