About Me

Hello, I’m Zakky. I am a male. So do not call me miss. 😀

Previously I like to write blogs with free language style. So my language is a bit chaotic.

This month I started to create a special website. My plan will be about mathematics. This is in order to save my brain memory of mathematics as well as to learn English.

I still learn many things. So if the post that I share here is still basic or there is a mistake, I hope you to justify the errors that exist on the article on this website.

logo infinite set

Why do I name this website as infinite-set?

This is because I love things about infinity, one of them is about infinite sets. In my experience, the explanation of finite-infinite sets is not much. The books I studied were not as numerous as other material books. Readers and researchers are only a few when compared with other themes of mathematics. This prompted me to create a website whose content is about set theory.

Will I discuss the other?

May be. I like mathematical analysis too, like calculus, variable complex, topology, etc.

I hope to get many friends from this website.

Enjoy your visit.