Month: February 2017

Well Ordered Set

Hello, infinite-set reader. Set theory is back. As I said in the previous post, this post will discuss about the well ordered set. Happy reading. In a poset, not necessarily the poset has the smallest element. So it is with the subsets. This gives rise to a new understanding which is a special occurrence of

Simply/Linearly/Totally Ordered Set

Hello, infinite-set reader. Set theory is back. simply ordered set Today we will discuss about simply ordered set. Sometimes also called linearly or totally ordered set. To read this post, you should read this post first. You need the definition of an initial segment to understand the theorem we are going to discuss. Happy reading. Simply

Initial Segment

Hello, infinite-set reader. Set theory is back. In this post will be introduced about the initial segment. Definition of initial segment will be used in the process of proving Zorn’s Lemma. So you have to make a special mark for this post. It will be important for the future. Initial Segment Definition : Given any

Bounded Set

Hello, infinite-set readers. Set theory is back. Before we learn about bounded set, you should read the previous post. The previous post concerns the lower and upper bounds of a set. The previous definition became the basic of this post. Happy reading. Bounded Set If is a subset of any poset that has a lower